The goal of this course is to give learners the tools they need to conduct their own translations, analyze and interpret data, and most importantly, to understand the way Old English grammar was formed and how it influenced today’s English language. In order to achieve this, gamification elements have been inserted throughout the course, allowing students to engage with the learning material at another level.

Every lesson has several activities that allow students to earn badges that will unlock the chapters to Smaug’s story. While badges give students access to the main line of the story, the accompanying bonus flames give them access to extra plot details.

Badges: Students earn a badge by successfully completing the activity associated to that badge. Earning four (4) badges unlocks the main level of the story chapter. Badges are associated to their final grade.

Flame: Students earn a bonus flame by taking on extra challenges, such as beating the clock. Four (4) Flames unlocks an extra level of the story chapter. Flames are not associated to their final grade.


The Sociology of Business course is designed to give students a broad overview of the impact of business on our daily lives. The course examines commerce and business not just from a corporate perspective, but rather based on our daily social interactions and exchanges, which are at one level also business transactions.

This course also offers a unique experience to participate in: an ongoing interactive stock market game. This process allows every student to better understand decision making, risk evaluation and loss. The idea is for every student to have fun while learning about the basics of the stock market.

Each student has a portfolio and is given a starting amount and 100 shares per fictitious stock. They also have access to a Complete Stock List of 70 stocks (created by the professor). This Stock Market List contains all of the stocks for the game, and other relevant information.  Every student participates in this make-believe stock market that educates students in a real world way on the laws of supply and demand, among other things.