Project Description

KnowledgeOne provided instructional/technical design consultation to assist in Lantic’s re-organization of their current print-based material with a clearer location-based content architecture. The restructuring of content has prioritize the common troubleshooting problems encountered by employees with their plant machinery. This new organization of content has also be supported by a new look and feel for the print-based material that included advanced organizers and on-site cross-referencing with the already existing floor plans, making it easy to situate oneself using the manual (e.g., matching the unique identifiers already used with the machines).

KnowledgeOne also offered added features to the digital version of the manual (for those viewing it with an Internet connection) to instantly launch any associated media files such as high resolution images for more complex control panels and “how-to” videos for troubleshooting certain machines. As an added value, KnowledgeOne used QR codes in the manual, as well as stickers on the associated machinery, which, when scanned with an internet-connected device instantly launched the associated videos.