Project Description

We have created as a place for you to see, listen, and read about Canadians’ first-hand accounts with illness. On this website, you will find videos and transcripts of in-depth interviews with Canadians, all based on rigorous qualitative research led by experts at St. Mary’s and McGill University. Our approach ensures that we include a full range of patients’ perspectives to share a realistic collection of the experiences that come with a particular diagnosis or illness. On this website, you will also learn about other Canadian resources and services that might be helpful to you.

The Healthexperiences research team, based at St. Mary’s in Montreal, benefits from close collaboration with the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and other international partners. In the UK, Healthtalkonline presents a unique collection of personal experiences of over 100 different illnesses and health conditions. It provides highly reliable data of more than 2500 people’s personal experiences of health and illnesses in the UK, all made available on the website The website receives about 50 million hits annually and have won several awards